Saturday, October 11, 2008


The Big Blue Tory Machine has a steady hand on the tiller of the Nation and in the waning hours of its Federal Election bid has grasped, finally, the enormity of the economic storm just over the horizon.

The "Who do you trust to run the economy?" Campaign tour has shed the blue sweater and regained momentum as it cruises through southwestern Ontario with the Prime Minister in full damage control to undo his earlier "faux-pas" about buying shares while the stock market was slumping.

Buoyed by a ten-point lead over the Liberals; and, borrowing a page from the Bill Clinton playbook of some years back: "It's the economy stupid"....Stephen Harper has coughed-up his own I share your pain, Mea Culpa: "I know that many Canadians are concerned about the economy and what it means for their jobs and their savings...As a husband, as a father, as a son, I understand those concerns." That's about as much empathy as we'll likely get from the Prime Minister who at first didn't quite seem to understand the fuss over his twice repeated insensitive remarks over the financial downturn.

What the heck, if it's good enough to win Tuesday's election. Through the campaign voter polling has been a dime a dozen. But, as the electorate clarify their intentions in the 72 hours leading-up to Tuesday's vote, the usually trustworthy Harris-Decima organization, polling for the Canadian Press says the Conservatives hold a steady 35%, the Liberals at 25% and the NDP at 18%. Time and opportunities are simply running-out for the challengers. It appears quite clear however that Majority Government remains outside of the grasp of the Conservatives and in the end Mr. Harper will be challenging the late Lester B. Pearson for back-to-back-to-back minority status.


Absolute Majority = 155 seats

At dissolution on September 15th standings in the 39th Parliament were:
Conservatives - 127
Liberals - 95
Bloc Quebecois - 48
New Democrats - 30
Green - 1
Independents - 3
Vacant - 4
Total: 308

Here is something like you may expect with Tuesday's results:
Conservatives - 123
Liberals - 98
Bloc Quebecois - 54
New Democrats - 32
Green - 1
Total: 308

The ancient Greeks, to whom we owe the principles of democrary, coined a word for people who did not vote. That word was: Idiot! If this election is, as it appears, crucial to the future economic well being of Canada. The choice is to vote, or to act as an idiot and don't complain!

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