Friday, January 30, 2009


Sadly in Canadian Federal Politics "Bloc" Head has a different connotation than one who's head is made out of wood. For like Geppetto's " nose stretchers, ours would be a Capital full of some Honourable Members with Pinnochio sized protrusions.

When the iconic television ground breaking "This Hour Has Seven Days" was cancelled by CBC Management in the late 1960's, one if its contributors, the irascible Winnipeg based journalist, Larry Zolf, described the Corporation as one of those rare places where "milk would rise to the top." It's a sentiment I've shared watching from my Ottawa vantage point the politicians who run our federation.

Wasn't it Napoleon Bonaparte who observed: "In politics, absurdity is not a handicap"? I've been keeping a pundit's score of our government's performance in the intervening 10 months since the Federal budget of 2008. That's the one that forecast an $8-billion surplus during the current fiscal year. And...

...When things started getting tough in the spring of last year the Tories stood firm on their pledge to govern right through the boast worthy full mandate four year fixed term. Why the Prime Minister even mounted an initial full fledged absurd defence..."no business in the bed rooms of the country"...of the buffoonery over the failings of the Foreign Affairs Minister, Maxime Bernier, and his bosomy concubine, Julie Couillard. Of course...

...Followed thereafter, when it became painfully obvious that ours was a tanking economy, by the "Parliament is Dysfunctional" speech and a call to waste $300 million on a fall national election that no one wanted. Well if it wasn't "dysfunctional" when we dutifully went to the polls in soon would be. Lest I digress: Of course an election campaign replete with promises that Canada was virtually recession proof and "read my lips", there would be no deficit! Why there were even bargains, money to be made, if Canadians took advantage of the stock market crash.

Honourable Ministers of Finance have historically "walked the plank" over an economic/fiscal update fiasco that predicts a $900 million surplus: Which as if by magic, transform into a crippling recession complete with a $15 billion structural deficit a mere 60 days later. Open the tax-flow valves, let's shovel out the cash!

Fool me once, Shame on You! Fool me twice...

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