Sunday, January 11, 2009


You will have noted that unlike yours, Mr. Obama's transition officials have selected Ottawa for the new President's first international visit. That of course is a long standing tradition which you didn't follow 8 years ago...oh well!

After you and Laura slip out the back door next week during Washington's Obama hoopla, I am sure you'll want to head on down to the Crawford Ranch for a stress free shack-up before hurricane season. Make some time, come on up North!

You'll feel right at home. My country too is mired in a war we can't seem to shake out of...Heck George: I think you started it. My Government has squandered a series of windfall budget surpluses. We're about to sink into a gigantic deficit to bail-out our collapsed economy...Hell George: I think you started that too!

We don't sell Senate seats in Canada, we just give them out to Party faithful. There are a few still available. Speaking of peddling influence; in Ottawa you can renew acquaintance with Larry the Mayor Guy. You'll recall he once bolted-out of important city business to rush beaming to the airport's tarmac to shake your hand. Another mayor gave us a white-elephant multi-million dollar baseball stadium. He probaly thought it would be named after him. After two bankrupt pro-baseball franchises left town, it sits empty. Heck George you once owned the "Texas Rangers", we can name it after you if you bring us a team to play there.

Y'all come now! You can "jaw" with our PM, your bud Steve, and his good ole boys from Alberta, while Laura helps Laureen pick-out curtains for the major reno getting underway at 24 Sussex. It will be just like home.


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