Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well the 2009 CFL Season is now passed into the record books signalling once again that November is ending.

The dark dismal days of the fall season; the shortened hours of sunlight; the cold frequently miserable approach of the long winter in Canada: Little wonder that in the Roman Catholic Church tradition dictates that November is dedicated to remembering souls in purgatory.

In a newspaper column I read recently, author and humour writer Anne Hines, mused about what, other than the Grey Cup Game, might motivate Canadians to make it through the month. She managed to advance five reasonable reasons to explain why we're still around by the end of November - I am sure Ms Hines will not mind if I share her conclusions:
1. It's a well known fact (she claims) that calories consumed during November don't count.
2. Besides the Catholic "Holy Souls Day"; November has other fascinating trivia attached to it: November and March both begin on the same day of the week.
3. Unlike with our American brethren - There are no holidays in November that require cards, gifts or chocolates.
4. It's finally possible to get that really great restaurant table on the outdoor patio.
5. It's not February!

Now that we have survived November, we can all move-on to the madness of the holiday festivities rushing towards us at alarming speed...

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