Monday, December 28, 2009


Two things to be said about Canadian electors: We are forgiving, and forgetful. Perhaps for many of our national politicians that may be why they are still there. That doesn't necessarily say much about the level of competence, commitment, trust and integrity of "them" whom we vote-in to represent us.

As was previously noted in a recent post: Our Prime Minister and the Finance Minister pledged there would be no recession in Canada and absolutely no subsequent Federal Government deficit when the Conservatives sought re-election in the fall of 2008. That record now speaks for itself.

The nation's high expectations from a year ago for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff have evaporated. He may have brilliantly snatched the mantle of power from Stephane Dion, but the former academic was clearly unprepared for the job. And: He's been unsuccessfully playing catch-up to Stephen Harper for the last 12 months.

Most recently the Liberal Leader has mercifully publicly backed-away from his own tough-talk about forcing a national election: Forget - "Mr. Harper, your time is up!"
Blurted-out carelessly last September in Sudbury to what end? I guess we'll never know. Something else to forgive.

It's a traditional dictum that electors get the representation they deserve. I am not quite sure just how we've sinned collectively but this feels like purgatory at taxpayers' expense.

For the good of the nation, Mr. Ignatieff is right: Canadians do not want another election. On the eve of the second decade of the 21st century, what we want is an effective, efficient, productive Parliament with politicians and parliamentarians who are respectful of one another, and most importantly of the citizens who sent them there. It is the least we deserve. Otherwise, there is always a next time when we may not "forgive and forget" so easily.

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