Friday, January 22, 2010


As others have noted this weekend: It has been over 50 years since Canada's national newspaper, the venerable "Globe & Mail" published a front page editorial as it did on December 30 last - DEMOCRACY DIMINISHED, ACCOUNTABILITY AVOIDED - over Prime Minister Harper`s proroguing of Parliament.

Harper who marks his 4th year as Prime Minister on Saturday has been accused of trampling democracy, eroding democratic accountability, and avoiding troublesome issues by twice seeking (and getting) the nod from the Governor-General to shut down Parliament.

In my 63rd year of observing politics, I wish I were not so cynical...but yet on the eve of the anniversary of Mr. Harper`s January 23, 2006 ascension to Canada`s highest elected political office, he rises before his own caucus members in Ottawa to tout the accomplishments of both of his minority governments. Accomplishments which, to my disbelief, include a Government budgetary surplus of about $16-Billion in 2006: Not just erased...but (also on this day) revelations that three-fourths of the way into the current fiscal year...the budget deficit is a staggering $36-Billion. Shame on us!

Disappointing as this is Lord; There is plenty of blame for each of us to share. Whilst I am saddened by the calamity which has struck the homeland of our Governor-General, and buoyed by Canada`s laudable response to this tragedy: If; as experts have suggested, her decision in favour of prorogation in December 2008 was (in part) motivated by the 130,000 Canadians who had signed-on FaceBook: against Stephane Dion`s ``coalition of the willing`` - I sure as hell am curious to know about her reaction to the 211,000 who have now acknowledged their disgust over the current prorogation on FaceBook`s Canadians Against Prorogation of Parliament. Many of whom will take to the streets this weekend to protest against Harper`s unprecedented actions. Minority government is obviously easy when politicians flaunt the Constitution.

Seems to me that as a nation as long as we are prepared to accept spineless opposition to near virtual tyranny in leadership, we will get the government and the politicians we deserve. For that; we all bear a measure of shame and responsibility.

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