Sunday, May 16, 2010


I have mentioned this before: On the eve of the late June G-8 World Leaders' Summit in Hunstville, (Ontario) and the Subsequent G-20 Economic Summit in Toronto; the last thing the Prime Minister wants is our reputation sullied by innuendo, humiliation and embarrassment.

Alas! The last several days, haven't gone exactly as planned...

- MAKE HELENA AND RAHIM GO AWAY: Strange how politics works. Through February and March while the Prime-Minister steadfastly defended his Status of Women Minister; the Opposition was demanding her "head on a platter," forthwith. Now that Helena Guergis is gone, and there's a hint Harper acted precipitously...opposing politicians are demanding to know why she was fired. Go figure!

- WHEN CALGARY REAL ESTATE WENT BOOM! THE MORTGAGE TAKERS WENT WILD: Jeez! Not another case of steadfast defence pending a resignation. The Prime Minister says he won't punish Calgary Tory M.P. Devinder Shory over allegations of fraud claimed by the Bank of Montreal. Mr. Shory is named in a multi-million dollar lawsuit launched by the bank. The RCMP is investigating...(Where have I heard that one before?).

- THE "MOON,"IT SEEMS, SOMETIME RISES OVER OTTAWA: Laying the groundwork means being gracious during a scolding. The United-Nations' Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, shared the spotlight with the Mr. Harper this week in preparation for the two southern Ontario summits. Mr. Ban took full advantage of his Ottawa visit, publicly chiding the Conservative Government for backing away from Canada's Kyoto Accord climate protocols; and abdicating its reputation as the world's foremost Peacekeeper. Being lectured by Ban Ki-moon can't be too pleasant; but hey! Canada is up for election to the "Security Council" this fall, and for the first time in 50 years the outcome isn't all that clear.

- THE SPIRIT OF THE MEN WHO SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS: Give me a break! If the government was blind-sided by a Navy directive to mothball half the fleet, it's surely 'cause the Minister of Defence didn't read the memo. That's okay - The Chief of Defence Staff, General Natyncyk, swallowed the crow whole and boldly rescinded the order -
Red faces and embarrassment for all. Er...Pshaw! to claims that the Navy Chief was getting revenge for the callous disregard of military honour, tradition and rotation when the P.M. named Natyncyk as CDS. Lest I digress: Following historic rotation could have meant the Air Force guy next in line in 4 (or so) years is one currently accused of two murders, two rapes and almost 100 break-ins. Dear God!
In true tradition of the men who sail...Admiral Dean McFadden may "walk-the-plank"...Er..."go to Davey Jones' locker" (Blah! Blah!) on this one, but his sailors will be proud of their rusty buckets. Damn the torpedoes!

My advice Prime-Minister: Seize the day, it's a dog's world!

Quod Erad Demonstrantum.

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