Wednesday, May 12, 2010


One "wingnut" tendency is to see things as good and evil; right versus wrong - Which keeps them from seeing reality.

Calgary Herald columnist, Don Martin, writes this week..."there's a particularly bizarre analogy in a just-released book on the rising right in Canada where a youth evangelist with strong connections to the federal Conservatives compares her Christian fan club to the Hitler Youth."

The "just-released book" is 'The Armageddon Factor' - A look at rising Christian nationalism in Canada - by Marci McDonald. Ironically it comes on the same day CSIS Director, Richard Fadden told Members of Parliament's Public Safety Committee, that our spy agency is keeping tabs on about 200 Canadians for possible terrorist links.

The CSIS boss described his targets as..."usually second - or third - generation Canadians who are in some ways relatively well-integrated into Canada..." some of whom are playing senior roles in global terrorist organizations overseas.

In the reference to the youth evangelist with the Christian fan club, Don Martin is quoting, Faytene Kryskow ( a British Columbia based militant evangelist who, amongst others claims a close relationship with the President of Treasury Board: The Ontario born and Okanagan Valley Member of Parliament, Stockwell Day. Marci McDonald's book - The Armageddon Factor - calls Stockwell Day "God's Anointed Cabinet Minister." (I am not making this up!)

In an earlier Cabinet post, Mr. Day was Canada's Minister of Public Safety. The CSIS Chief's appearance before Parliament's Public Safety Committee on the same day 'The Armageddon Factor' was published bespeaks a certain delicious irony: To wit Richard Fadden was at the committee to defend how our spy agency has interrogated Afghan detainees to gather information; - Many of whom obviously have radical and perverted religious affiliations. Whether in our Christian Bible's "Garden of Eden" or elsewhere; somehow, sometimes the "nuts" don't seem to gather too far from the tree...

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